Draft Institute Schedule

August 4-15, 2014

What follows is a draft summary of the schedule. We are still refining the final selection of readings and activities. Each day will we will discuss readings in the morning, and then have a two-part practicum in the morning and afternoon for learning new skills and practicing with digital tools.

Week 1


  • Introduction to the digital humanities and digital history community, and overview of different disciplinary approaches in digital humanities and discussion of importance of disciplinary grounding.
    Instructors: Sharon Leon and Sheila Brennan


  • Surveying major American history digital collections, finding, organizing, and analyzing sources
    Instructors: Sharon Leon and Sheila Brennan


  • Building digital collections, planning effective digital history websites with and introduction of common software-as-service platforms
    Instructors: Sheila Brennan and Sharon Leon


  • Working with non-textual sources, introduction to major collections with non-textual sources and discuss approaches to incorporating images, objects, and multimedia into digital historical narratives.
    Instructors: Sheila Brennan, Sharon Leon, Michael O’Malley, and Elena Razlogova


  • Introduction to Visualization
    Instructors: Sharon Leon, Sheila Brennan, and Trevor Owens

Week 2


  • Introduction to text and data mining; close and distant reading through application of text and data mining techniques using corpora of texts to find patterns.
    Instructors: Fred Gibbs, Sharon Leon, and Sheila Brennan


  • Introduction to spatial history, mapping and visualizing change over time.
    Instructors: Sheila Brennan, Sharon Leon, and Scott Nesbit


  • Community sourcing, sharing historical authority, collaboration and crowdsourcing public history projects, with undergraduates and subject enthusiasts.
    Instructors: Sheila Brennan, Sharon Leon, and Jeff McClurken


  • Teaching, graduate training, digitally-enabled pedagogy for undergraduate and graduate students.
    Instructors: Sharon Leon, Jeff McClurken, and Sheila Brennan


  • Scholarly communications, professionalization, reviewing digital publications and open peer review.
    Instructors: Joan Troyano, Sharon Leon, and Sheila Brennan