Voila!–Syllabus and Online Survey Creation and Dessimination

Now that we are in the eighth day of the workshop, a number of ideas have begun to gel and produce fruit.

The two that emerged today during workshop during discussions were a draft of my syllabus for an online graduate history course that I am teaching this fall tentatively titled “Learning and Doing African American History in the Digital Age:  Cutting-Edge Theories, Tools, and Approaches,” and an online survey that I will launch to learn more about the manner and degree to which scholars of history and public history engage digital tools, technology, and methods in professional communication, teaching, and research.  I hope to use the data collected to help identify individual, departmental, and institutional areas for professional growth and development.

I am going to ask my now wonderfully-informed DH workshop colleagues to evaluate the survey offer suggestions for improvement before I forward the survey for posting via Survey Monkey.   I hope to launch the survey next week, and I will give participants a two-week window to respond.

Both projects are integrally related to my ongoing research on the Lillian Horace Papers.

Full speed ahead!




Source: Voila!–Syllabus and Online Survey Creation and Dessimination

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