Dakota Massacre / Uprising / War

In August 1862, four Indians murdered three white men, a white woman, and a white girl near Acton, Minnesota, on a drunken dare. This sparked a larger uprising in which savage Indians rampaged across the frontier, indiscriminately killing white men and raping white women. That was the story settlers told of what became known as the Sioux Uprising or the Indian Massacre. Dakota Indians told a different story, one of invasion, dispossession, trickery, and abuse. Dakotas had given white settlers access to vast swaths of their land in exchange for an annual annuity. Much of the annuity usually went directly into the pockets of white traders. Reduced was better than nothing, however, and in 1862 the annuity was late, and some Dakotas were starving.

I plan to use a tool (such as Twine or inklewriter) designed for Interactive fiction, which is experiencing a resurgence of interest, to create a non-fiction interactive narrative that will be part history and part counterfactual. Users will be able to follow the perspectives of different historical actors, read their own words, and make decisions on their behalf.

Source: Dakota Massacre / Uprising / War